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24th August 2023

  how to create A  
  brilliant VIDEO BRIEF

In the dynamic world of video production, a well-crafted video brief serves as the compass that guides your creative journey.


A thorough and insightful brief not only ensures that your vision is accurately translated into the final product but also streamlines the entire production process.


In this blog, we'll delve into 6 essential tips to help you write a comprehensive video brief that sets the stage for a successful collaboration with your chosen video production team.

01. Objectives


The foundation of a stellar video brief lies in your clarity about the objectives you aim to achieve.


Are you looking to educate, entertain, or promote a product? Do you want to evoke specific emotions, inform your audience, or generate engagement?


Define your primary and secondary goals, ensuring they align with your broader marketing strategy. A focused objective not only guides the narrative but also helps the production team tailor their creative approach accordingly.


02. Target Audience


The success of a video hinges on its resonance with the intended audience. Provide a detailed profile of your target audience through describing their demographics, interests, pain points, and preferences.


The more the production team understands your audience, the better they can tailor the tone, visuals, and messaging to captivate and engage them.


Insights into your audience's language, behaviour, and values allow the video to connect on a personal level.

03. Key Messages

The heart of your video lies in the story you wish to tell. Clearly articulate the core message you want the video to convey.


Think of it as the 'big idea' that underpins the narrative. Craft a succinct storyline that takes the viewer on a journey—introduction, conflict, resolution—while aligning with your message.


Sharing your vision of the story's structure helps the production team translate it into compelling visuals and scenes that all work together in harmony.

04. Guidelines

While your brief conveys the narrative, it's equally crucial to outline the visual and creative elements that will shape the video's aesthetic.


Mention the style, tone, and mood you envision—whether it's cinematic, playful, or informative. Provide references, mood boards, or examples that capture the look and feel you're aiming for.

We would also recommend sharing your brand guidelines and any previous content you have created. It's important the video aligns with your brand identity and fits in with all of your other marketing efforts.


This clarity empowers the production team to bring your visual aspirations to life.


05. Distribution


Understanding where and how the video will be shared influences its format, duration, and content. Specify the platforms—social media, website, email marketing, etc.—where the video will be published.


Different platforms have varying requirements and viewer behaviours, which influence factors such as video length, aspect ratio, and call-to-action placement.


Providing this information allows the production team to optimise the video for its intended distribution channels.


Better yet, you should ask your chosen production company to create alternate versions of your video that are optimised for each marketing channel you wish to share it on.

06. Communication

In addition to the core elements of your video brief, encourage open lines of communication with the production team. Collaborative discussions foster a deeper understanding of your vision and objectives. 


You should always make sure to have a verbal conversation with your chosen production team after you have sent them your brief.


This will allow you to clarify your vision and hear any new ideas they have so you can provide feedback. Valuing their expertise and insights can lead to creative solutions that enhance the final product.


Regular check-ins, brainstorming sessions, and feedback loops ensure that everyone is on the same page throughout the process. 

A lot of work can go into the pre-production process, so maintaining clear communication will ensure you have the least amount of stress and work to deal with yourself. It’s the production company's job to handle as much of that as possible at the end of the day.

In conclusion


Crafting a comprehensive video brief requires a harmonious blend of strategic thinking and creative vision. By understanding your objectives, identifying your target audience, defining the story, outlining visual guidelines, and discussing distribution, you set the stage for a productive collaboration with your chosen production team.


A well-prepared video brief not only paves the way for a seamless production process but also ensures that the resulting video effectively communicates your message, resonates with your audience, and achieves your desired objectives.

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