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four Founders,
one shared passion

Our brand journey from pandemic pressures to producing creative content for brands across the country.

GoldBox Productions is a classic start-up story. We're four creatives who met at university and decided to start our very own business. One that is built for the new digital age to provide the most engaging videos possible.


Each project we take on is not only guranteed to be visually stunning and optimized to get results, but is also injected with as much heart and passion as possible. A perfect blend of style and substance which has allowed us to collaborate with a number of notable brands already.

Our story

Scroll through a timeline of our brand journey so far


The four of us met working on a short film idea Josh had during our second year at university.


Whilst travelling back from a film festival the idea to start our own video production company was born.

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We spent the good part of a year building up our portfolio, mostly doing free work to begin with.

This allowed us to build experience and learn about business, whilst nearing the end of our studies.


Coronavirus broke out and shocked the world. Despite this, we took the plunge to become an official limited company and got to work.

It was a tough year, but we kept fighting to bring work in, adapted our service to support people during these difficult times and stayed positive.

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Expanding and developing our services really helped us to provide more impactful solutions to a broader range of industries and audiences.


We worked with a wide variety of brilliants clients last year, whilst solidifying our brand identity and the direction we want to go in as a team.


We built our own innovative formula for creating the best content possible and feel confident we can provide value for almost any brand out there.

Moving in to a new office, which we love, has also been a great highlight!

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In September we signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with the University of Derby, the place the four of us originally met.

Since then we have continued to support their students in a number of ways and they have opened up all kinds of exciting opportunities for us..

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