GoldBox Productions is a classic start-up story. We're just four guys who met at university whilst studying what we love; video. But we soon found other common affinities, namely health and fitness. The result of these shared passions set us on a path. A path which led to the creation of our very own videography agency.

Trust us when we say we live and breathe our work. All members of GoldBox Productions live in the same house in Derbyshire. Not a moment goes by when we aren't thinking about the next video shoot or edit sequence. Literally, it's what we live for.


Lead Representative

When it comes to any form of communication, I'm the person our clients will chiefly consult with. It is my job to keep everyone informed and make sure we get the best out of every project.


Administrative Director

It is my job to keep control over all company costs and to make financial decisions when needed to keep a healthy and expanding company. I love sport and film so coming to work each day is always a blast.


Creative Director

My love for both film and fitness allows me to keep bringing new exciting ideas and techniques to the table. It's my job to ensure every video we create is as visually and emotionally impactful as possible.


Production Manager

I'm Odhran and I'm responsible for ensuring each project runs as effeciently as possible. I have a passion for cinematography and experience working with a  wide range of cinema cameras

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GoldBox Productions

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