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Serial Position Effect

How can we process information better?

So experiments have actually shown that the position of information in a sequence affects how well we remember it.

It turns out information presented at the start and end of a piece of content is much easier to remember, than everything in the middle.

This is known as the Serial Position Effect.

So why is this? Well when we’re first presented with information it’s much easier to process because we have more time to rehearse it and it gets stored in our long term memory.

Whereas everything after that in the middle also has to be rehearsed alongside everything before it and naturally requires more effort to do so.

But then when you get to the end, that information goes into your short term memory, specifically our working memory, which processes all that information and begins putting it to use.

Therefore when trying to memorise new information it's thought we are actually recalling it from both our long term and short term memory.

So how can this apply to video content?

Well it’s clearly important you do not overwhelm your audience with information.

Start strong and let them know what your video is all about immediately and with impact, then slow down, allow them to process your key message with ease, gradually building to a satisfying conclusion that brings everything full circle.

Then all that is left to do is to present your call to action.

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